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Whether you need to check for internal injuries due to an emergency or you need help to detect and confirm the presence of a tumor, you can count on our friendly and skilled professionals to provide you with exceptional CT scan services.

Get Painless And Detailed Scans

Three-Dimensional Images

Our CT scans generate cross-sectional images which can be reformatted in multiple planes and can even generate three-dimensional images which you can view on a computer monitor or transfer to electronic media.

Painless And Non-Invasive

A CT scan is usually a thorough and detailed scan which allows your doctor to confirm the presence of a tumor and determine its size and location. You can put your mind at ease knowing that a CT scan is fast, accurate, non-invasive, and painless.

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Our Services Include

We have a skilled and experienced radiologist on staff to help you with all your radiological needs.

Get dependable mammography scans to help detect cancer at an early stage. Cancer detected at this stage is easier to treat.

Worried you have a broken bone? Get stellar X-ray services to help find your fracture at the earliest and ensure quick recovery.

Whether you are in need of an ultrasound of an obstetric or diagnostic purpose, we are here to help.

Serving New Hartford, New York, the professionals at Oxford Medical Imaging can cater to all your CT/CAT scan needs. Computed tomography or CT is a test that creates detailed images of internal organs, bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. Get any part of your body diagnosed reliably with our quality CT/CAT scans. Click here to learn more!

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